Understanding Acupuncture: 3 Things to Know Before You Go

Acupuncture Clinics- Know Before You Go

Acupuncture clinics all over the nation are doing amazing things. They’re helping people deal with chronic pain, feel stronger, and live a more spiritual life. In fact, the World Health Organization endorses acupuncture as a way to help at least two dozen conditions.

However, some folks hesitate to book an appointment, because they don’t fully understand what acupuncture is or how it works. If this is keeping you from getting the help you deserve, here are a few things to know before you go to the acupuncture clinic.

Acupuncture Is Ancient

Acupuncture is actually one of Traditional Chinese Medicine’s 3,000-year-old healing techniques. It’s based on the idea that chi, a vital energy, circulates throughout 12 invisible lines on the human body known as meridians. Each one is associated with a different organ system. When the flow of chi becomes imbalanced, a disease or medical issue is created.

How Does It Work?

Acupuncture practitioners place anywhere between one and 20 FDA-approved, tiny metallic needles into the person’s body. These needles are placed along the 2,000 points along the human body that connect with the meridians.

What Is a Typical Session Like?

A typical acupuncture session lasts about an hour, with the acupuncture needles being left in for about 25 minutes. A few minutes after the needles are inserted, most clients report feeling a sense of deep mind and body relaxation. Many often fall asleep, and awaken once the needles are removed; feeling very calm and refreshed.

Acupuncture is an amazing art that can help you overcome a number of different medical problems you may be having. If you’d like to learn more, get in touch today with an acupuncture clinic. If you have any questions about anything mentioned above, feel free to share in the comments .