Just as acupuncture assists in maintaining a woman’s health during pregnancy, it is excellent for bringing a new mother’s body back into balance after labor and childbirth. Having an acupuncture treatment 3-4 days after delivery can be greatly beneficial for maintaining the healing process.

Weekly treatment for at least 3 weeks after childbirth can help a woman regulate and alleviate these common postpartum conditions:

  • Postpartum depression and anxiety
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Anemia
  • Exhaustion and insomnia
  • Mood swings

Acupuncture also helps nursing moms with:

  • Lactation
  • Mastitis
  • Fussy babies – treating mom will positively affect the newborn

To learn more about how acupuncture can improve the quality of your life as a new mom, please contact us with your questions.