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3 Ways to Maintain Healthy Relationships

Maintaining healthy relationships isn't difficult, but it does take work. If you're finding it hard to be with those whom you once held close, take a second, and consider taking some new approaches. Here are a few things that may help.

Study: Refined Carbs Are Like Drugs

A recent study by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has found that the brain’s reaction to refined carbohydrates such as corn syrup is similar to the craving that drug addicts experience have for drugs.

Acupuncture Improves Exercise Tolerance in Heart Patients, German Study Finds

Acupuncture can improve exercise tolerance in patients suffering from chronic heart failure, according to new research from Germany. Needles don't increase the heart's pump function, but they seem to have an influence on skeletal muscle strength and thus can increase the walk distance that heart patients can cover. The results of the clinical study have been published in the medical journal "Heart."