So you are successful in your work, have set goals, made plans and proved that you can do pretty much anything you set out to do. Now you are ready to think about having a baby. And, once more, you develop a plan and implement it. But sometimes it does not go as planned.

I usually get the call because your OBGyn has suggested that I can help. Or maybe you read an article and asked your doctor about it and they told you “it wouldn’t hurt to try.” Or a friend tried acupuncture and recommended it to you.

Even though it means that I might be on call on the weekends (ovulation happens!), I love this part of my job. Nothing I do gives as much tangible evidence that I have changed someone’s life as having a proud new mom drop by the clinic months later to introduce me to her new baby.

It is a shock to find out that after months of baby-making sex nothing is happening. That’s when you start making up stories about what you coulda, shoulda done to have a baby.

We women were always taught that it was very easy, too easy to get pregnant. We jumped through hoops taking pills and inserting devices because one little slip up and, bingo, preggers.

Much of the difficulty some of you have stems from anxiety. When you follow all t he advice and still don’t get pregnant you fear that you have made a mistake and put off having a child and believe that now it’s too late. Then the fertility testing begins and you feel like you have been reduced to test result numbers–FSH, LH, estradiol, progesterone, prolactin, free T3, etc.

Regardless of what you’ve been told about your body’s fertility, please know that your ability to conceive is profoundly influenced by the complex interaction among psychosocial, psychological, and emotional factors, and that you can consciously work with this to enhance your ability to have a baby.

This is where acupuncture shines! Come in and let’s talk.