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You Do Acupuncture for a Living?

Back in 1992, I was fast-walking in my neighborhood after work feeling sorry for myself. I really didn’t like my high tech marketing job. It was not feeding my soul so I simply asked out loud “why I am here?” To my surprise, I heard a loud voice in my head...

Can Acupuncture Reduce Nighttime Hot Flashes?

Researchers found that 7 weeks of acupuncture treatment reduced the severity of nighttime hot flashes by 28% among menopausal women compared with a 6% decrease among women who had a sham acupuncture treatment. The effects of acupuncture vs. a sham acupuncture...

Pain You Can’t Shrug Off

Suzie had been rear-ended twice over the last 10 years, and still had intense neck and shoulder pain. After two rounds of physical therapy, she was anxious about her constant, unrelenting pain. She was hoping that acupuncture could help her. While we were talking I...


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