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Serving Austin and Central Texas Since 1996

At the Healing Acupuncture Center, we treat issues from chronic pain to anxiety to PMS. We see patients walk in like they’re dragging a dead weight, and walk out feeling much lighter.

But it’s not just the acupuncture…though that’s an amazing source of healing all by itself. It’s the fact that licensed acupuncturist Karen Nunley believes that acupuncture is part of the treatment of the whole person, one that starts by really listening to what’s going on in her clients’ lives, with empathy instead of judgment. And beyond the treatment she usually scribbles down a “prescription”: a book to read, foods to avoid or thoughts to practice that will deepen the healing power of acupuncture.

Acupuncture is the holistic healing art of moving chi, life energy.  Ancient Asian healers learned that chi flows along specific paths or meridians—to the heart, the liver, the brain—and that when those meridians are blocked, problems arise. Recently, neuroscientists have realized that those ancient meridians correspond perfectly with nerve bundles and trigger points connected with vital organs….exactly where ancient acupuncturists said they were.

Karen believes, as her predecessors did, that gently moving the chi helps you to heal—body, mind and spirit. She moves the blockages so you can feel the way you want to…whole-hearted, clear-headed and full of vitality.  In her serene treatment rooms, with the sound of rain or ocean waves in the background, she places hair-thin needles in the right spot, so gently you may not even know they’re there. As you lie there, you will start to really relax and feel a release.

Karen has been practicing acupuncture full-time since 1996 and has seen many of the same issues over and over—from migraines to depression to infertility. She understands what brings relief from pain and anxiety and uses a holistic approach that includes everything from empathy to coaching. Her passion is helping people get healthy so they can enjoy a better quality of life.

Your energy fuels your life. Acupuncture can free your energy.

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