Back in 1992, I was fast-walking in my neighborhood after work feeling sorry for myself. I really didn’t like my high tech marketing job. It was not feeding my soul so I simply asked out loud “why I am here?”

To my surprise, I heard a loud voice in my head say HEALING and I saw the word in big black block letters. Next I felt an electrical sensation go through my body that knocked me to the ground.

Sounds wild I know, but I promise this is a true story!

With a background in high tech and state government, I had no idea what kind of “healing” this could possibly mean. So over the next few days I shared this experience with some loved ones and close friends, including chiropractor Dr. Arthur Peterson.

Unfazed, he asked me “what are you passionate about?”

“Herbs, I said. “I love all things herbal! Growing herbs, cooking with herbs, studying about herbs.”

“Have you ever thought about studying acupuncture?” he asked.

“Acupuncture! Why? I hate needles!”

“Because when you study acupuncture you also study Chinese herbal medicine” he said.

Zap! I felt that same electrical shock again.

I opened The Healing Acupuncture Center 4½ years later. And the “healing” has been my own. I LOVE coming to work and I love my job!

Oh, and the needles? They really are no big deal.