Lower ragweed pollen levels!

Usually this is the time of year that ragweed starts blooming and driving folks crazy. One of the only three benefits of our extreme heat and drought that I can think of–besides fewer fleas and mosquitoes!–is that ragweed plants have really taken a hit.

“With this bad drought and no rainfall, most of the ragweed plants did not sprout or have died already this year,” said Dr. Bill Howland, Allergy and Asthma Center of Austin.  “We anticipate this ragweed season will be much easier for allergy patients.

Normally ragweed season begins in late August and peaks around October 1st. It remains to be seen how much ragweed pollen will be produced with our historical 2011 extreme drought conditions

Many of us have cabin fever from staying in indoors to avoid the heat and are so ready to be outside. May we all get a break from the record high temps and be able to enjoy the great outdoors soon!

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