Spiritual Intelligence: Live a More Spiritual Life

According to Cindy Wigglesworth, author of SQ21, The Twenty-One Skills of Spiritual Intelligence, “spiritual Intelligence is the ability to behave with wisdom and compassion while maintaining inner and outer peace (equanimity) regardless of the situation. It reflects an increasingly stable connection to‘something bigger than us’ that is translating into the world of behaviors, habits and attitudes. ”

I want to be clear here and point out that spiritual intelligence is a skill that is separate from spirituality or religion.Spirituality is our innate need to be connected to something greater than ourselves; religion consists of specific beliefs and rituals. Spirituality and religion may nurture spiritual intelligence, but spiritual intelligence can be developed without tradition or belief.

Spiritual intelligence is a set of skills we can develop over time, with practice. We are all born as innately spiritual beings, but we are not born spiritually intelligent. Just like we are all born with emotions, we still have to learn emotional intelligence to be able to recognize and manage our feelings as well as maintain healthy relationships with others.

My life experiences, including my husband’s long journey of living with cancer, have taken me down a multitude of unexpected paths leading to many wise teachers and profound teachings. I love sharing these teachings in my acupuncture practice to help people live in a more heart- and body-centered way.

When I found Cindy’s book, I was immediately intrigued with the idea of “21 skills of spiritual intelligence” and wanted to learn more so I’m currently in training with Cindy to be certified as a SQ21 Coach. I love learning how to deepen my own spiritual intelligence and being able to share this with my clients so they can develop skills to deepen the spiritual awareness in their own lives.

Spiritual Awareness through Spiritual Coaching

Have you ever wanted to purposely cultivate the admirable qualities of noble human beings like Mother Teresa, Gandhi or Nelson Mandela? Or be more like the honorable everyday people who show up in your own life?

You know the people I’m talking about. The ones whose traits and behaviors nourish our souls by just being around them. The ones who are committed to taking what life throws at them and adapting rather than becoming stuck in their woundedness. These are “spiritually intelligent” people who choose to grow intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

According to Cindy Wigglesworth, author of “SQ21, The Twenty-one Skills of Spiritual Intelligence,” “Many people feel great urgency these days around personal growth. This is essentially a good thing as the world we are in and the life conditions we are facing require wiser and more compassionate leaders. Indeed the demands of our planet and our fellow human beings are so desperate that it often seems as if there is simply no time to do the necessary work on ourselves. And yet it is essential that we do our individual work.”

What if you could learn spiritual intelligence skills in an intentional and effective way to reduce the drama in your home, work or relationships? What I am describing here is not about religious or “wu-wu”beliefs, but rather a set of skills that you can use in your process of becoming, changing, adapting, contracting and expanding.

Contact me to learn how we can use my SQ21 training to help your level of spiritual intelligence and how we work together to develop your skills to deepen the spiritual awareness in your life!

How to Become More Spiritual

Becoming more spiritual is as much a daily practice as it is a way of living. If we want to live a more spiritual life, we choose to see the world as both connected to ourselves and to the unknown.

Spiritual intelligence grows from the ability to live mindfully and compassionately; remaining peaceful on the inside while calm on the outside. Learning to be okay with uncertainty and not having all the answers is what drive us to become more spiritually in tune. Having someone to share and explore your questions and insights about spirituality and the unknown is valuable on your journey to becoming a more spiritually intelligent human being.

At the Healing Acupuncture Center, you will find a safe place to share your inner spiritual struggles and insights while learning ways to become a more spiritually active person. Whether through service or silence or community, it’s a personal choice worth discovering. There are many resources available to those interested in becoming more spiritually intelligent, and Austin is a great community for seekers. If you suffer from depression, anxiety, physical health issues or other disease, becoming more spiritually healthy can help your entire well-being. We want to help you on that path. Contact me today!