We can all hear our mother’s voice saying, “you are what you eat.”  Often that was met with an eye-rolling reply. If only we had listened!

Food influences all of your bodily functions: moving, breathing, thinking and feeling.  Filling your body with high-calorie foods, processed foods, fast foods, sugars, and unhealthy fats deprives it of the fuel and energy it needs to successfully function.

Sometimes even the healthiest of diets have harmful effects on physical wellness.  There are often underlying, biological reasons why your healthy diet is still causing your body to react negatively.

Many years ago, I was battling a series of bladder infections that Western medicine wasn’t helping. After suffering for 9 months and taking round after round of antibiotics, I knew I had to look elsewhere for help. A good friend suggested I start working with a holistic chiropractor who recommended I completely switch my diet. And stop eating that daily pint of Haagen Dasz Chocolate Chocolate Chip ice cream (my one indulgence!). From that point forward, my love affair with eating healthy food began.

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