Got Cedar Fever?

Got Cedar Fever?

Ah, it’s mid-December here in central Texas and the holiday season is upon us. Unfortunately for many, this means allergy season, too. Specifically the dreaded cedar fever.

The responsible culprit is called mountain cedar, a drought-resistant evergreen tree that produces pollen from mid-December to as late as the end of February. With all the rainfall we’ve had this year, it looks like cedar pollen production will be high for the 2013-2014 season.


Cedar fever symptoms can include nasal congestion, runny sinuses, a scratchy throat, fatigue and itchy eyes. If you have fever or body aches then you are more likely to have a cold or if those symptoms are severe, possibly the flu.


Treatment with acupuncture, Chinese herbs and/or a locally made product called Cedar Serum can either dramatically lessen your allergic reactions or, in some cases, completely eliminate them. Using a holistic approach we can treat you as an individual rather than the condition.

By stimulating appropriate points along the meridians, acupuncture regulates the entire organism and mobilizes the natural healing capacities of the body and mind.

Thus, instead of introducing chemicals such as an antihistamine to control an allergic reaction, acupuncture works with the person’s internal “pharmacy”.