Acupuncture Is My Passion

I love, love, Love to study acupuncture and oriental medicine. Weekends you might find me digging through a stack of books, online abstracts and seminar notes looking for golden nuggets to try on challenging cases. I’ll write ideas down on sticky notes and bring them to the clinic to try on my clients.

After almost 20 years of practicing why would I need to research strategies to try? Even though this medicine is at least 3,000 year old, research continues to reveal new more effective techniques for treatment. What’s so cool about acupuncture is that there are many ways to treat any condition, from pain to insomnia. And I love to research the latest and greatest techniques.

In school we’re taught to place the needles in and around the areas of pain. If there’s pain on the outside of the elbow, aka tennis elbow, then that’s where you focus the treatment. This traditional Chinese medicine is the basic approach we all must learn in order to pass the national boards to get a license. Some refer to this way of treating as “cookbook acupuncture.”

After graduation is when the work begins in earnest as we acupuncturists start learning more elegant and effective ways to treat, including the balance method, non-local distal needling, Korean hand therapy, Japanese acupuncture, ear acupuncture, etc.

I love learning all I can about these techniques, especially for pain management. Why? Because 90% of our new patients come in looking for relief from pain no one else has fixed, with a large percentage of them also looking for help in reducing stress.

Once patients see how effectively acupuncture can resolve their pain, they’re more open to discussing how it can help with other conditions like allergies or digestive disorders. After they’ve experienced an acupuncture session and are more comfortable with the whole idea, they often ask for help with other health problems, too.

Absorbing acupuncture literature to unearth better ways to practice inspires me and feeds my soul. It ranks right up there with listening to great music or a sipping an awesome cup of tea.